MyAuslan learn with us
Need help providing Auslan and Deaf community accessibility for your event, theatre production, workplace, or home? Best practice advice, resources and connections for all things Auslan or Deaf.

Professional Auslan & Accessibility Consultancy

With 20 years’ experience in Auslan language and Deaf accessibility consulting, we have the expertise and networks to help organisations of all kinds, across public, private, and not-for-profit sectors to provide high quality services to the Deaf community. We work with you behind the scenes to ensure that the content of your production, event, conference, or other activity is made fully accessible in a culturally appropriate way to Deaf and hard of hearing Australians.

Services provided:

  • Auslan language consultancy – working with both Auslan interpreters and organisers/producers in theatres, musicals, events, conferences, shows, festivals, and many more to ensure the use of Auslan is tailored for the content, context, audience and the physical environment.
  • Accessibility consultancy – assessment, advice, and/or advocacy, on inclusion, accessibility, and suitability for both deaf and Deafblind people, of workplaces, cultural and entertainment sites, events and festivals, commercial and government services, and other activities.

Professional Auslan trainer, teacher, tutor and researcher

Our innovative Auslan teaching, coaching and immersion programs are based on a deep understanding of the linguistic principles of Auslan, its cultural heritage and idiosyncrasies, and best practice teaching methodologies.

Our founder, Darlene, is a native and heritage Auslan user with a degree in Linguistics and Education from Macquarie University, and over 25 years experience in sign language research and teaching. She has worked with people from all ages – primary school to university level, babies to senior citizens, on how to use and understand Auslan.

Darlene conducts many of our programs personally, and selects and inspires our network of teachers, trainers and language models to maintain the highest standard of quality.

Services provided:

  • Customised Auslan teaching/training/tutoring
  • Teaching Auslan and all related aspects, including Auslan linguistics, Deaf studies and Deaf history
  • Programs can be tailored for any requirement or setting, including educational or other institutions, workplaces, or family homes.
  • Any age or skill level, from beginner to expert.
  • Delivery can be online or in person – courses, community and specialised workshops, small-groups, one-to-one
  • Auslan tutoring – one-to-one, family, professional. We will customise a program to suit your needs.
  • Professional development sessions for Auslan teachers/tutors
  • Professional development sessions for Auslan interpreters and translators

Professional Auslan translator, Deaf Interpreter

We can provide high quality translations from English to Auslan for use on websites, social media posts, community service announcements, broadcast content, or any other media content.

Many brand, corporate, government or institutional websites can contain dense information in English that is often difficult for Deaf people to understand. And unlike for hearing non-English speakers, Google translate can’t help! Embedding an Auslan translation (or link) into your information dramatically improves accessibility and understanding for Deaf clients and customers.

Are you Deaf and need to communicate formally in writing with a company or government bureaucracy? Are you worried you can’t say exactly what you want to say in English?  Or are you worried they might not take you seriously because of your English?  Send us a video in Auslan and we can translate it for you into just the right level of English.

We can also provide highly experienced Deaf Interpreters and Deaf Blind Interpreters to suit the specialised needs of Deaf and Deafblind clients.

Services provided:

  • Quality Auslan translations – from English to Auslan, or Auslan to English in any genre or register, personal to professional, for private or public use
  • Deaf Interpreting and Deafblind Interpreting – working in tandem with a hearing Auslan interpreter in various settings, ensuring the two-way information transfer is accurate and complete, and tailored to suit the deaf client.