More game/activity ideas for you to play with your families, students, friends, colleagues and even strangers (remember sharing is caring). 😉 Be sure to come back again and check us out as we continue to add in more activities.

Activity Ideas:

Game 3 – Storytelling with your child

Goal: To create stories and to teach your child Auslan
Equipment: Handshape Flashcards
Players: Minimum of 2
Age: 2+

Ask your child to pick 5 to 7 cards and then put them into whatever order they would like. You now need to make a story that makes sense using only the handshapes chosen and in order. The funnier the better! Another version of this game is to use the die with your child and see what stories you can come up with. Bonus points for using the same signs more than twice!


Game 4 – Linked Storytelling

Goal: Be the first player to reach 39 points
Equipment: Handshape Flashcards
Players: Minimum of 2. Or as groups of 2 or 4 people against each other
Age: 6+

Pick a card, and choose a sign based on the handshape chosen. The next person does the same, and so on until it is your turn again. Choose another card to put next to your first card – the sign must link to the first card and you must keep going until you have the most cards. For example, ‘flat hand’ = shark, ‘claw’ = bite, ‘finger pointing’ = you; shark bites you! IMPORTANT! Your story must make sense! Each card has one point and you should keep going until someone has reached 39 points in which case the winner should do a victory dance!


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