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About MyAuslan Academy

Our goal:

MyAuslan Academy aims to provide an easy, accessible and innovative portal to learning Auslan, and an understanding of the culture it supports.

We offer courses designed for:

  • Families and friends of deaf children or adults.
  • Anyone who regularly encounters deaf people as customers/clients/patients etc in a range of occupations.
  • Deaf people of any age who wants a deeper understanding of their language and culture.

What's Involved?

  • MyAuslan courses are all easily digestible chunks of learning. Choose the ones most relevant or interesting for you.
  • Courses are offered as a blended format combining online self-paced modules, with small group “zoom-torials”, as well as work-books or worksheets. One on one tutoring is also available for an additional cost.
  • For those who prefer you can purchase the online modules only.
  • Each course is designed to take 2-3 hours in total. We recommend a minimum of 15 minutes per day.





Our Programs

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Frequently Asked Questions


One year from the time of purchase.

One year from the time of purchase.

 You don't need to know any Auslan in order to do our Foundation courses. Some of our other courses require you to have completed the Foundation stage. Click on the course you are interested in for more information about requirements.

There are no prerequisites to doing the Foundation courses . Some of our other courses do require you to have completed the Foundation stage, and some specialist courses (eg Advanced Linguistics) require a minimum level of conversational fluency.

Our Foundation courses are equivalent to Auslan courses offered at community colleges. Completing them will leave you well prepared for undertaking studies at TAFE at the level of Certificate II. Some of our specialist courses are not available at TAFE or other institutions.

You will receive a certificate of attainment. However, our courses are not currently registered under the Australian qualifications framework (AQF).

Like any language fluency depends on frequency of exposure and usage. To improve your Auslan fluency, take advantage of our tutoring services or attend our Auslan Immersion workshops, and get involved with a group of Auslan users.

Deaf people are very welcome to do our courses and will find them fully accessible.

Zoomtorials and Tutoring

Each session runs for approx 45 mins.

A maximum of five students, plus the Tutor.

There will generally be several scheduling options offered for zoomtorials for each course, including evenings and/or weekends.

You can do the zoom tutorials as a family group or team provided each person has purchased the course. If you find there is no suitable Zoomtorial session with sufficient vacancies to accommodate your group, please email us at academy@myauslan.com and we may be able to schedule a special session for you

In-home tutoring is available in selected areas. Click on Tutoring for more details.

Costs and Payment

If you have purchased a package of courses, and after completing the first one find that the program is not suitable for you, we will refund the package price less the cost of a single course. Such refunds must be claimed within 14 days of purchasing the package and will not be available if you have commenced a second course. Refunds are not available for a single course purchase.

Family packages are available for groups of four or more. See how course menu for more details, or email us at academy@myauslan.com.

  • A proud Deaf bilingual native Auslan user (quite a mouthful, eh?), a mother to 4 non-deaf human kids and a large collection of furry & feathery kids.
  • A bibliophile and a writer.
  • Taught Auslan for over 30 years to people from 0 to 99 (yes, I like Lego).
  • Degrees in Linguistics, Education, and Family History (I know – I am a geek!).
  • A hunter and collector of both dead and living deaf people in Australia.
  • Fun fact – I have over 15 deaf relatives in my family, spanning 4 generations.