Numbers Range
Numbers Range
Learning to recognise and count with numbers is an important part of language and cognitive development.  So MyAuslan is pleased to introduce our...
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Emergency Poster
Emergency Auslan Poster
Knowing the Auslan signs you might need in an emergency is important for Deaf children, and for their parents and teachers. This poster features illustrations...
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Deaf House
Life in a Deaf House
You'd think a Deaf house would be very quiet yes? Think again…
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Speech therapist
A trip to Speechie
This was my experience of having to see the speech therapist at school. What was yours? (Auslan only)
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NAATI Profile on Mark Quinn
Could you be an Auslan interpreter one day?
This is a beautifully written story by one of the best Auslan interpreters in Australia – Mark Quinn – about his journey to becoming an interpreter. As...
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TED article on language learning attitude
Attitude is the Key to Persistence
One of the biggest barriers to learning any new language is overcoming our natural fear of failure long enough to persist with it. As with any new skill,...
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Auslan sign for "waiting for someone"
In Auslan there a number of different signs for "waiting". Which one is right depends on the context...
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Auslan Handshapes Periodic Table
Auslan Handshapes Periodic Table: the story behind it, why it was created and how you can use it.
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Nursery Rhymes
Nursery Rhymes in Auslan?
Adapting nursery rhymes in Auslan for deaf kids: why and how.
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