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Auslan for Families Program

The biggest barrier to the cognitive, social and emotional development and wellbeing of a deaf child, is not access to sound, but access to full natural language. And the best way to prevent language deprivation in a deaf child is for those around them to develop the skills to interact with them in natural sign language – ie Auslan. We can help!

Auslan for Families – 1 x 10-week stage

$1390 per family* 

* plus GST for non-NDIS participants

  • The Auslan for Families program involves focused Live Zoom sessions for families of Deaf children. It follows a curriculum specially developed by MyAuslan for families of young children with content focused on the everyday conversations between parent and child relevant to family life and events. (The MyAuslan program has also been adopted by one of Australia’s leading educational institutions for deaf children – Victoria College for the Deaf.)
  • The program also includes written handouts including parent guides with tips and tricks on how to interact with your deaf child in Auslan.
  • Each family can have up to 6 people in each session, connecting from up to 3 different devices. This is a great way to involve extended family like siblings, grandparents, relatives or close friends who interact regularly with your deaf child. This also makes it great value compared to individually signing up to other Auslan courses.
  • And unlike regular Auslan courses, each session of Auslan for Families is private to your family, giving you 100% focus from a skilled Auslan tutor, trained in MyAuslan curriculum and methods by one of Australia’s foremost Auslan experts.
  • Each stage of the program comprises 10 weekly sessions, and there are 3 stages for under 5s, 3 stages for 5-10 yrs, and an additional stage for tweens/teens. Each 10-week stage must be purchased separately.
  • You can reschedule (with min 24 hrs notice) up to 2 of the sessions to cater for illness, holidays etc (ie skip a week and add a week at the end).  Additional catch-up sessions may be possible in different time-slots for an additional charge.
  • For plan-managed NDIS participants, we can invoice your plan manager directly if you wish. Self-managed participants can pay by either credit card, PayPal, or Direct Deposit
  • A proud Deaf bilingual native Auslan user (quite a mouthful, eh?), a mother to 4 non-deaf human kids and a large collection of furry & feathery kids.
  • A bibliophile and a writer.
  • Taught Auslan for over 30 years to people from 0 to 99 (yes, I like Lego).
  • Degrees in Linguistics, Education, and Family History (I know – I am a geek!).
  • A hunter and collector of both dead and living deaf people in Australia.
  • Fun fact – I have over 15 deaf relatives in my family, spanning 4 generations.