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Learning Auslan is a “SLAM-Dunk” with our innovative Sign Language Accelerated Method (SLAM)!  Based on the latest research in language acquisition, specially adapted to sign languages, our programs are:

  • A natural and contextual approach to language learning, featuring real-life vocab and phrases, underpinned by simple tools to learn the unique linguistic principles of Auslan.
  • Taught by skilled and experienced Auslan teachers who are Deaf and/or native Auslan signers.
  • Conducted live via Zoom, and highly interactive.  We use very small groups to ensure you can see the tutor’s signing clearly and they can see yours.
  • Deaf-centric: grounded in Deaf culture and designed by one of Australia’s foremost Deaf Auslan experts.

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Why use MyAuslan?

We are proudly Deaf-owned and Deaf-led, and wherever possible support the Deaf business eco-system.

We are passionate about preserving, nurturing and propagating authentic Auslan – the natural language and cultural heart of Australia’s Deaf community.


MyAuslan acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.

MyAuslan also acknowledges the members – past and present – of the Deaf community in Australia who preserve our rich heritage, culture and our language – Auslan. Through Auslan, we promote awareness, equity and access for Auslan users, and inspire future leaders in our Deaf community to continue our legacy and heritage.

  • A proud Deaf bilingual native Auslan user (quite a mouthful, eh?), a mother to 4 non-deaf human kids and a large collection of furry & feathery kids.
  • A bibliophile and a writer.
  • Taught Auslan for over 30 years to people from 0 to 99 (yes, I like Lego).
  • Degrees in Linguistics, Education, and Family History (I know – I am a geek!).
  • A hunter and collector of both dead and living deaf people in Australia.
  • Fun fact – I have over 15 deaf relatives in my family, spanning 4 generations.