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The handy key? A natural approach to learning real-life language.
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Auslan is short for Australian sign language. Made for Aussies by Aussies. Our courses are for any Australian – young, old, deaf, hearing, beginner, intermediate or already a signer. All are welcome!

Unique Learning

Learn real-life vocabulary and phrases in Auslan in non-classroom style, to keep boredom away so you stay motivated and learn faster.

Immerse Yourself

Develop your ability to actually understand Auslan in real-world contexts, with a large collection of Auslan video clips to watch and learn.

Confidence builder

The ultimate goal is being understood in Auslan, right? So it’s about jumping in and giving it a go from start without worrying about being accurate.

MyAuslan Shop

Auslan educational resources and tools

MyAuslan Shop

Auslan educational resources & tools

Innovative and creative custom-designed Auslan flashcard sets, posters, and Auslan children’s books. MyAuslan offers educational aids, teaching resources and tools for Auslan learning and Deaf awareness. Resources and books, that are also part of the e-courses in MyAuslan Academy, covering Auslan, Auslan linguistics, Deaf experience, and the Deaf community.

Academy, Consultancy & Translation

Services – For those that need advice and support on making their products and services accessible in Auslan.

Translation – Deaf, hard of hearing, English-speaking people who need materials translated – personal to professional.

Consultancy – Auslan and deaf accessibility consultancy for events, workplaces and homes for any Australian.

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