Everyday Auslan

$239.00 incl GST

  • Our Everyday Auslan Program is an easy and convenient entry point to learning the language of Australia’s Deaf community, and is open to anyone, regardless of age, English proficiency, or where you live in Australia.
  • The program involves live Zoom sessions with much smaller group sizes than other community courses – a maximum of 8 students per session.
  • Over 50% more language content than most other equivalent introductory courses.
  • This program was designed by one of Australia’s foremost Deaf experts in Auslan linguistics and language acquisition.  It features an accelerated learning method involving fully immersive, contextualised language lessons, with vocabulary focused on everyday interactions.
  • Our tutors are Deaf and/or native Auslan signers, and experienced Auslan teachers trained in our accelerated learning methods.
  • You can select from available time-slots here.  If there is no suitable time-slot available for the upcoming term, click here and we can put you on our waiting list for next term.
  • Please note: the timeslots below are AEST.  Please allow for time difference if you live outside that timezone.



  • Each stage of the program comprises 10 weekly classes (1 hour per session), and there are 2 stages, each of which can be purchased separately. If you miss a lesson, you can purchase optional 30 minute individual catch-up sessions for $60 each.
  • If a class is cancelled due to tutor illness or misadventure, the course will be extended to catch up.
  • You must attend at least 8 classes to get a certificate of completion.
  • To register for a Stage 2 course, you must have completed Stage 1, or an equivalent beginner course elsewhere.  If in doubt, please contact us to discuss.
  • For plan-managed NDIS participants, we can invoice your plan manager directly if you wish. Self-managed participants can pay by either credit card, PayPal, or Direct Deposit.
  • If there are insufficient bookings for your chosen timeslot, you will be offered a choice of transferring to another timeslot, holding your booking for a later start date, or receiving a full refund.
  • Group discounts and/or custom time-slots are available for groups of up to 8. Click here to register for a private group class.

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