Handshapes Bundle

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Our Periodic Table of Auslan Handshapes Poster and Handshapes Flashcards together make a fantastic reference and teaching toolkit to help you educate your Auslan students all about Handshapes – the foundation of all Auslan signs.

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In stock

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The Poster

Remember studying the Periodic Table of Elements in science class?  Well now there is a Periodic Table of Auslan Handshapes!

Improve your knowledge about the root of all Auslan signs with this unique poster, which classifies and categorises the complete range of Auslan handshapes – even some obscure ones no longer in common use which you may not realise are part of Auslan’s rich and diverse heritage.

Bundle includes the A1+ size (841mm x 609mm), ideal for classrooms.

The Flashcards

Auslan Handshape Flashcards set includes the 39 most commonly used handshapes. They are great for adults and kids learning to recognise handshapes, and there are lots of ideas on our resources page of activities and games you can use them with.

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