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There are at least 30,000 Auslan users in Australia who use Auslan everyday for communicating and accessing to information. It is not easy to access information when you are deaf as the world is mainly in sounds. It can be life-threatening if we can’t get information in way we understand it – imagine yourself being the only English-speaking person in middle of a place full of non-English-speaking people and you need to know what’s wrong with you.

Auslan is just like any other language – can be fun, interesting and simple to learn, however it depends on your motivation, your aptitude with language learning and time committed to learning Auslan. Some would be able to pick up enough to carry a simple and basic conversation with an Auslan user, while others need more than 6 months to have a conversation with some depth in a group of Auslan users.

Auslan can be quite complex – it is a ‘3-D’ language while English is a linear language. There are many resources to learn English in different formats (reading, listening, speaking and writing), while you can only really learn Auslan through specialised Auslan classes, groups of Auslan users, or videos. Auslan has its own grammar, rules and structures that is quite different to English and any other spoken languages.

MyAuslan is dedicated to ensure that anyone, especially the parents of deaf children, get to learn and use Auslan from day one with simple and basic dialogues.

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