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What is the Resources Vault?
There are many resources to learn English in different formats (reading, listening, speaking and writing), while you can only really learn Auslan through specialised Auslan classes, groups of Auslan users, or videos.  Our Resources Vault is our answer to this problem.  It is a curated treasure trove of Auslan language modelling across various genres, as well as games, learning activities and general tips and ideas for your Auslan journey.
If you have ideas and activities you would like to share, please buzz us!

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  • A proud Deaf bilingual native Auslan user (quite a mouthful, eh?), a mother to 4 non-deaf human kids and a large collection of furry & feathery kids.
  • A bibliophile and a writer.
  • Taught Auslan for over 30 years to people from 0 to 99 (yes, I like Lego).
  • Degrees in Linguistics, Education, and Family History (I know – I am a geek!).
  • A hunter and collector of both dead and living deaf people in Australia.
  • Fun fact – I have over 15 deaf relatives in my family, spanning 4 generations.