Auslan sign for “waiting for someone”

In Auslan there a number of different signs for "waiting". Which one is right depends on the context...



Hello, welcome to the first of MyAuslan’s “Ask Me Anything about Auslan”. I’ve received so many questions and thanks to all of you for sending them in. I’ve had a hard time deciding which one to pick for the first one as there are so many good questions.

I’ve picked one question about the appropriate sign for ‘waiting’ – relating to the context of a soldier waiting for someone, as part of a children’s story. The questioner has given me 3 different examples and wanted to know which one is right.

So here’s my response – I actually know FIVE (5) possible signs related to waiting:

#1 – WAIT as in waiting for something or someone

#2 – WAIT as in wait there (in a location)

#3 – WAIT as in wait a moment

#4 – WAIT as in pacing while waiting

#5 – WAIT as in waiting for someone (for an unknown duration)

In this case I recommend #5 as it is related to a person waiting for someone and the duration is unknown. There’s the stress of time in this particular sign – can be short or long, depending on the movement.

MyAuslan will do this again this Thursday with the plan of opening up for questions from 9am until 1pm. Then the response for the chosen question will be posted between 3pm and 4pm on Thursday. I encourage you to post questions relating to Auslan in any context.

Thank you to you all for participating and have a good week.