Auslan sign for "waiting for someone"
In Auslan there a number of different signs for "waiting". Which one is right depends on the context...
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Auslan Handshapes Periodic Table
Auslan Handshapes Periodic Table: the story behind it, why it was created and how you can use it.
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Nursery Rhymes
Nursery Rhymes in Auslan?
Adapting nursery rhymes in Auslan for deaf kids: why and how.
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How to sign "Thursday"
Ever wondered why the "T" looks strange when you see a native Auslaner sign "Thursday"?
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superlatives thumbnail
How to use superlatives in Auslan
Explanation of how the superlative form of adjectives works in Auslan grammar.
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FS Skills Dev thumbnail
Fingerspelling Skills Development
Tips to improve your ability to read Auslan fingerspelling
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Auslan timelines thumbnail
Auslan Timelines
An explanation of the different forms of timeline in Auslan grammar.
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