Auslan Timelines

An explanation of the different forms of timeline in Auslan grammar.



Did you know Auslan has 4 types of timeline?

1. Deictic (from shoulder point of the body-line at side): used to convey temporal time meaning in the context of a dialogue. eg BEFORE/PAST/YESTERDAY, PRESENT/TODAY/NOW, TOMORROW, NEXT-WEEK, FUTURE etc.

2. Sequence (in front of a signer from left to right usually): reflects the linear (writing form) timeline such as 9am-4pm, MONDAY-FRIDAY etc.

3. Anaphoric (presented diagonally from the body): depicts the timing of events or such relative to a certain point in time. eg PRIOR-TO, FROM-THAT-POINT, or TO-THAT-POINT etc.

4. Growing (at the side of body, vertical upwards only): shows the growth of a person from baby to child, child to adult. This particular timeline is not recognised linguistically as part of the timelines group because it can’t generally be performed in reverse.