How to use superlatives in Auslan

Explanation of how the superlative form of adjectives works in Auslan grammar.



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A question on how to use superlatives in Auslan?
Superlatives are the form of an adjective one that adds the ‘most’ degree of that adjective – such as better to best, worst from worse etc.
There are a few ways to do it in Auslan, but all stem from two elements that need to be modified to add the ‘more-ish’ element to an adjective:

  1. Facial Expression
  2. Movement

Consider these two examples:

  • TALL = tall -> taller -> tallest -> the most tallest…
  • BAD-WORSE = bad – > worse -> more worse -> most worst (the “worstest”…)

Note the use of type of facial expressions and movements to convey the degrees or severity of an adjective/descriptor.