Colours Bundle

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Learning to differentiate and describe objects by colour is an important part of language development.  This cute and colourful poster, with matching flashcards set is an excellent aid to help little Auslaners learn the signs for all the colours of the rainbow – and even the sign for rainbows themselves!

The poster and flashcards feature 13 adorable illustrations of different coloured pencils each performing the sign of their own colour, plus the signs for “Colour” and “Rainbow”.

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In stock

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Poster is available in 2 different versions**:

  • Northern Dialect (best suited for NSW and Queensland)**
  • Southern Dialect (best suited for Victoria, Tasmania, SA and WA)**.

**Flashcards set contains both versions where relevant

*NT and ACT tend to be a blend, so could choose either.

Choose the poster size that best suits your needs:

  • A2+ (ideal for playroom or bedroom at home)
  • A1+ (ideal for classrooms)


Specifications – Poster:

  • A2+:  610mm x 430mm
  • A1+:  862mm x 610mm

Specifications – Flashcards:

  • Pack contains 19 flashcards (11 different colours – 6 with dialect duplicates, plus cards for “colour” and “rainbow”)
  • 100mm x 100mm cards
  • 310gsm artboard,  matt laminated
  • Rounded corners

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