Let’s Count Poster

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Learning to count is an important part of language and cognitive development.  This cute and colourful poster is an excellent aid to help little Auslaners learn the signs for numbers from zero to ten, and practice counting the various animals, which are depicted signing their own name!

The poster features 13 illustrations of the signs for 0-10, plus the signs for “Number” and “How Many?”.

It is available with illustrations from either the signer’s perspective, or the viewer’s perspective.  Choose the one that best meets your needs:

  • Signer’s perspective – recommended for 0-4 y.o
  • Viewer’s perspective – recommended for school-age (5+)

Then choose the size that best suits your needs:

  • A2+  – ideal for playroom or bedroom at home
  • A1+  – ideal for the classroom
  • A2+  – ideal for playroom or bedroom at home
  • A3     – with or without lamination



  • A1+:  862mm x 610mm
  • A2+: 610mm x 430mm
  • A3:  420mm x 297mm

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